The betting interface has a multitude of features, the following is a brief summary.
Match Betting Calculator:
Match Betting
  • A calculator to aid making the most of bookmakers 'Free Bet' offers
Dutch Calculator:
Dutch Calculator
  • Dutching (back and lay)
  • Mixed Profit Dutching (back)
  • Calculations from a Total Stake
  • Calculations to a Profit
  • Accumulative odds value
  • Accumulative odds percentage
Hedge Ladder:
Hedge Ladder
  • Lay first
  • Back first
  • Calculation of opposite bet to equalize Profit/Loss
  • Calculation of opposite bet to Break Even if Win
  • Calculation of opposite bet to Break Even if Lose
  • Display of Win Profit
  • Display of Lose Profit
Fractional to Decimal Odds:
Fractional to Decimal Odds
  • Calculator to convert Fractional Odds to Decimal Odds
Back Odds to Lay Odds:
Back Odds to Lay Odds
  • Calculator to convert Back Odds to comparable Lay Odds [vice versa]
Countdown Timer:
Countdown Timer
  • Countdown from preset times
  • Countdown from User times
  • Color change 20 seconds from end
  • Warning message upon timeout
  • Reset button
Rule 4 Deductions Calculator:
Rule 4 Deductions Calculator
  • Calculate selections revised odds after a withdrawal
Accumulator Calculator:
Accumulator Calculator
  • Calculate profit from up to an 12 fold accumulator
At the time of their implementation the majority of the above mentioned features were exclusive, and we hope to continue this innovation with further enhancements.

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