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Sums / Arithmetic Generator

In the left column enter your required options.

Maximum Number Value: Enter the highest number allowed in your sums, this means the answer for divisions with 'Only Integer Divisions' checked.

How Many Sums: Enter how many sums you wish to generate.

How Many Signs: Enter the number of arithmetic signs in each sum.

Sum Type: Select the required sum type(s).

Allow Negative Numbers: Tick to allow negative numbers in the sum or answer.

Only Integer Divisions: Tick for divisions to have only a whole number answer.

Print HTU Box: Tick to print a Hundreds, Tens & Units box to aid longer arithmetic.

Maths Grid: Tick if you want the generated sums in a Maths Grid [+ or * only].

Numbers Bonds: Tick to generate Number Bonds.

Numbers Bonds Value: Tick Number Bonds value; to 5, 10, 15, 20 or Various. Various will generate random Number Bonds to the Maximum Number Value.

Print Number Ladder: Tick to print a Number Ladder; -20 to 20.

Print Number Table: Tick to print a Number Table; 10 by 10, 1 to 100.

Print Times Table: Tick to print the 1 to 12 Times Tables.

Print Information: Tick to print some basic arithmetic information.

Then press Generate Sums to randomly generate your sums for printing.

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